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Capache.com – amazing tool for SEO analysis of web sites

During my work as web developer and designer I’ve been tested a lot of free on-line applications which analyze your web site and give you advices how to improve your SEO. All this sound fantastic but is it really so.

In the most cases these tools tells me things I already kwon so there are no benefits for me. Many of these applications have very imitated features in their free versions to make the users go with the paid editions. Others put tons of bulk information on the screen and you may get lost and miss the important things.

capache.com Recently I found an onsite SEO analytics tools with amaze me with its simplicity and information structuring. You can check it on www.capache.com and make some test. Some features which I like most are:

  • www resolve
  • Text/HTML ratio
  • Images count

Of course this application is not perfect and I notice some bug which will be reported. These are:

  • Yahoo! Directory: – always shows Yes even on sites which doesn’t have
  • Favicon: – again… shows Yes for sites which doesn’t have favicon
  • Google Page Rank: – can’t detect it properly
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