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SEO tips

  1. Domain name: Having keyword phrases in your domain is the most important thing for the search engines for rating your site. Be sure to have some keyword when you choosing your site name. It’s also very important to have keywords in you file names.
  2. Title and Meta tags: The content of the title tag has also a big impact on you quality score. Be sure you mansion the keywords which are most important for you in this tag. The meta description tag is displayed in the search engine results so this is the text which brings the user in your site. Having your keywords is h1 tag is also very good practice and will help for better ranking.
  3. Content: The content for the web site is important and always has to be unique. Copy test from some other internet site will detected for sure and will be treated as duplicate content.
  4. XML sitemap and Robots.txt file: It’s good the have this boot files in the root directory of you site. The XML sitemap will “tell” the search ensigns where are located all pages of you web site and will have them by indexing the content. The robots.txt file will “give” some additional information e.g. which pages should excludes form the search results.
  5. Clear source code: Search engines “like” properly written web sites. Check yours which for the W3C standards and fix the errors and warnings if they appear in the code. Put the Cascading Styles Sheets in separate css file.
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